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Let's Label Our


Marijuana Edibles

420: April 20th, 2017

Family and friends accidentally get high too often by eating unlabeled marijuana edibles in the home. Let's label our edibles!

This campaign allows individuals to easily be part of the solution and help family, friends, and guests avoid accidental marijuana dosing from edibles in the home.

Campaign Duration:

April 17th - May 14th, 2017


Premise of the Campaign:

Cannabis businesses have come together this week to support voluntary cannabis labeling in the home. There are too many instances of visitors coming into the homes of cannabis patients or cannabis enthusiasts and inadvertently eating a marijuana edible. By creating a new habit of labeling our cannabis edibles at home, we can greatly reduce accidental consumption. A media campaign and Kickstarter has been launched to further spread this message across the United States.

Campaign Duration:

April 17th - May 14th, 2017


Campaign founders Shango Los, host of the Shaping Fire podcast and Kirsten Nelson of Blunt Branding. And over 100 cannabis companies all over the country who have come together in support of this message of community awareness, self-regulation and safety.

Additional Information:

Because there is marijuana in more homes right now than at any point since prohibition, it makes sense that there would be more accidental dosing of visitors to our homes. We have got to stop this. Cannabis is a powerful herbal remedy that can save lives, open minds, and provide relief. And it should be respected as that.

The associated Kickstarter distributes stickers to be used on the container that you store you cannabis edibles in. The sticker simply alerts you that cannabis is inside the container. For every sticker we send you, we will give one away at cannabis events this summer. From coast to coast, it will take a lot of us to make this new habit of labeling edibles stick for everyone’s benefit. 

It's time that each one of us became responsible for our entire scene. We have fought for cannabis normalization for decades, and now is the time to prove we can handle it. 

So let’s handle it.

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“Getting unexpectedly dosed with THC is usually inconvenient at best and emotionally traumatic at worst. Now is the time for our cannabis community to stand up and protect those around us from accidentally eating marijuana edibles.” - Shango Los, podcast host of Shaping Fire
“Cannabis companies have been looking for something to help bring us all together and solidify us as one industry. Our industry supporters say that this campaign does just that. It is another step towards cannabis community awareness, self-regulation and safety in the post-prohibition era.” - Shango Los, podcast host of Shaping Fire.

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“As both medical marijuana and state-licensed adult-use cannabis sweeps the country, local municipalities have noticed an uptick in people accidentally eating marijuana edibles. 
Not only is there more cannabis in more homes now than any time since the beginning of prohibition, but because the laws are changing, people are more likely to call 911 to ask for information about overmedicating. They are also more likely to call for paramedics or arrive at the hospital simply because they are having a panic anxiety attack from this unfamiliar marijuana induced experience.
Certainly, some of these occurrences are related to consumers not understanding cannabis potency but a significant number of cases are simply because visitors come to homes with cannabis accidentally eat a snack that contains cannabis.
A new campaign supported by a wide range of cannabis companies seeks to decrease these incidences by encouraging consumers to voluntarily label cannabis in the home. Initiated by Shaping Fire podcast host Shango Los and cannabis marketing firm Blunt Branding,  the consumer outreach and associated Kickstarter hopes that the message reaches cannabis enthusiasts and patients across the country.
The Kickstarter offers to ship stickers to label edibles in your home for as little as $5.00 with larger pledge packages available for influencers, retailers and community groups as well.
“Getting unexpectedly dosed with THC is usually inconvenient at best and emotionally traumatic at worst. Now is the time for our cannabis community to stand up and protect those around us from accidentally eating marijuana edibles, said Shango Los."

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Thanks for reading this far. We know that this campaign will engage your audience. Go ahead and check out the Kickstarter, and let us know if you have have any remaining questions.


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