Episode 15 - Topicals and the Birth of CHABA with guest Ah Warner

Until now, any health and beauty aid products that contained THC had to be regulated and sold in a medical or recreational cannabis store. With the passing of the first Cannabis Health And Beauty Aid (CHABA) law in the country, topical products containing THC can now be sold at any retail store in Washington State. On this week's episode of Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los chats with Ah Warner, founder of Cannabis Basics, about the state's new CHABA law, how it has been implemented since the legislation was passed, and how the model used in Washington should inspire other activists and health and beauty aid pioneers to lobby for similar laws in their own state.

Episode 15 - Open Source Probiotic Cannabis with guest Alan Adkisson

Working in cooperation with nature's delicate systems instead of forcing her to do our bidding makes for thriving cannabis plants. Probiotic growing was muscled out of cannabis for awhile by prohibition, bottled nutrients and a misunderstanding of our relationship to biological systems. Now, living soils, wildcrafted nutrient teas and other probiotic growing techniques are making a huge comeback. On this week's episode of Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los speaks with Alan Adkisson, co-founder of the Probiotic Farmers Alliance and founder of Gro-Kashi about the return of the probiotic craft, why it is winning cannabis cups and its healing roots in ancient Rome.

Episode 14 - Synthetic Cannabinoids with guest Greg Gerdeman

Many have heard of the street drug sold at gas stations and party stores under many names like Spice and K2. It is often on local news. They usually call it "fake marijuana." It wasn't until one reporter referred to it as "synthetic cannabinoids" that it caught our attention. On this week's Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los talks with cannabinoid researcher Greg Gerdeman PhD about what the hell synthetic cannabinoids even are and where they came from. Listen to this week's show for the engaging story of how synthetic cannabinoids escaped the laboratory to become popular with schlock journalists and misdirected thrill seekers who can't get their hands on authentic cannabis.

Episode 13 - Maximizing Yield with Light Dep with guest Eric Brandstad

Light Deprivation can fool your cannabis plants into thinking that fall is coming and the time to flower is now. Using this approach can give your greenhouse several growing cycles per year instead of only one outdoor season. On this week's episode of Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los talks with Eric Brandstad of Forever Flowering Greenhouses about the history of light dep, the strategy behind it and how modern light dep is taking over the commercial cannabis industry.

Episode 12 - The Discovery of High CBD Cannabis Strains with guest Kevin Jodrey

Cultivars of cannabis testing high in cannabidiol have awakened many people to the healing power of cannabis. These plants are exceptionally valuable and are still so rare that for some patients they are priceless.  During today's episode of Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los chats with Kevin Jodrey, founder of Wonderland Nursery in Humboldt County, California, about the discovery of the very first high-CBD strains, where they came from and how they were bred and shared with medical cannabis growers across the country. This is an essential oral history of American cannabis.

Episode 11 - Cannabinoids and Terpenoids in Detail with guest Dr. Ethan Russo

Taming THC: Potential Cannabis Synergy and Phytocannabinoid-Terpenoid Entourage Effects is one of the most important research papers in cannabis medicine. For many, it was the first time they had read an explanation of the interaction between THC, CBD, terpenoids and minor cannabinoids explained in terms that a layperson could understand. On today's episode of Shaping Fire, Dr. Ethan Russo sits down with podcast host Shango Los to discuss the paper in detail and further explain and illustrate his research. This is a must-hear show for anyone serious about cannabis medicine. You can read the paper in full here: http://bit.ly/2lrsB3z

Episode 10 - Trimming for Fun and Profit with guest Kristen Baldwin

Trimming cannabis has been a popular way for cannabis enthusiasts to make some extra money for decades. With increasing normalization of cannabis at the state level, licensed producers and medical patients are looking for reliable and consistent solutions for processing their flowers.

On this week's Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los speaks with Kristen Baldwin of Colorado's Green Mountain Harvest. They discuss the professional trimming business model, best practices for managing a trim shop and what brand of trimming shears they prefer.

Episode 08 - The Netflix of Cannabis with guest Max Simon

Finding quality information on cannabis is difficult. There is so much misinformation in print, online and from friends. Green Flower Media has launched a publishing platform that gives voice to the top cannabis experts in the world. For those interested in cannabis health, business or "how-to" instruction, Green Flower offers an all you can eat subscription model that makes makes these experts available anytime.

This week, podcast host Shango Los speaks with Max Simon, founder of Green Flower Media about his motivations, the Green Flower business model, raising capital for a cannabis business and why video is a great way to educate.

Episode 07 - The Luxury of Leira Cannagars with guest Ariel Payopay

On this week's episode of Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los speaks with Ariel Payopay, founder of Leira cannagers. Leira's hand rolled cannagars are filled with probiotically grown cannabis flower and solventless rosin oil, some burning for as long as 12 hours. They discuss the luxury cannabis market, marketing to luxury buyers and Ariel tells the story of the $3,600 cannagar that recently sold at retailer Diego Pellicer in Seattle.

Episode 06 - Saving Small Cannabis Farms in California with guest Hezekiah Allen

On this week's episode of Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los speaks with Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director of the California Growers Association, about the impact that the passing of Proposition 64 will have on small family cannabis farms throughout California. Hezekiah makes the case that consolidation of the cannabis industry into a large farm model is good for no one involved and the preservation of California cannabis community culture is worth saving. This is part two of two in our series on the impacts of Proposition 64.

Episode 05 - California Cannabis Opportunities Now with Amanda Reiman

On this week’s episode of Shaping Fire, Amanda Reiman of the Drug Policy Alliance joins host Shango Los to discuss the new cannabis related entrepreneurial opportunities in California after the passing of Proposition 64. The conversation covers licensed cannabis producing opportunities as well as opportunities in corollary services like products, software and compliance. The future of 215 medical cannabis in California is discussed as well. This is episode one of a two part series dedicated to the passing of Proposition 64. Next week we speak with Hezekiah Allen of California Growers Association about the future of artisanal small farm producers under Proposition 64.

Episode 04 - Regulating the Regulators with John Novak

On this episode of Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los speaks with John Novak, founder of 420Leaks.com about citizen oversight of cannabis regulators at the state level. With more and more states licensing cannabis, it is essential for citizens to monitor rule makers in their state to ensure they are not unfairly influenced by lobbyist groups seeking to implement their own agenda. In this interview, John Novak shares some of his experiences working on the front lines of cannabis policy and he makes suggestions for everyday tactics that can be used to obtain information on the inner workings of cannabis regulators.

Episode 03 - The History of Humans and Cannabis with Dr. Sunil Aggarwal

On this episode of Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los speaks with Dr. Sunil Aggarwal about the historical relationship between the cannabis plant and humans. The story starts some 30,000 years ago with the development of cannabinoids in the plant and extends around the entire planet as humans propagate Cannabis everywhere they go. Dr. Aggarwal's riveting account will give you a more solid understanding of the role Cannabis has played in our history and further insight into the absurdity of its prohibition.