About the Podcast

About Shango Los

Before he departed to found Shaping Fire, Shango was founder and host of the Ganjapreneur.com podcast and produced 54 episodes interviewing cannabis luminaries about cannabis business and cannabis as medicine. The show was listened to by tens of thousands every week. Shango was also Director of Content and Brand Strategy for Ganjapreneur.com.

As a lifelong cannabis enthusiast, entrepreneur and business consultant, Shango advocates for patients, heritage cannabis growers and responsible & sustainable commercial cannabis businesses. 

He is founder of the Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance cannabis trade organization and has worked tirelessly to create new markets for cannabis health products produced on Vashon Island. VIMEA is also known for presenting world class cannabis speakers for audiences made up of Islanders and others who take the ferry from nearby Seattle, WA.

Because of his wide range of cannabis & industry knowledge and his ability to explain that to mixed audiences of industry insiders and newbies, Shango is a sought after speaker for conventions, cannabis summits and universities. 

While growing up in the city, Shango has chosen a rural livelihood as an adult. He is a homesteader, naturalist and environmental advocate. He is an active emergency responder working with CERT/Search & Rescue.