Here's How to Leave a Review in iTunes From Your Phone or Computer


How to leave a review in itunes
(on an iPhone)

Step 1: Open your Podcasts app


Step 2: Tap on "Search" in the bottom row of icons. Type in the name of the show (i.e. "Shaping Fire")

Step 3: Select the show under Podcasts (not the Podcast Episodes

Step 4: Underneath the header information, choose “Reviews” (the middle of three screen options)

Step 5: Click “Write a Review” in the center of the screen.

You’ll then have the option to rate us on a 5-star scale, and write a review if you choose (you can rate without writing, if you’d prefer)

5 stars.png


How to leave a review in itunes (from your computer)

Step 1: Visit the iTunes page for the show (

Step 2: Click “View in iTunes” underneath the Shaping Fire image (accept the pop-up asking if you want to launch iTunes)

Step 3: In iTunes, click “Ratings & Reviews” under the main title

Step 4: Click on 5 stars under "Click to Rate" and write your review in the box.

Step 6: Click the "submit" button, and you're done!